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We offer VIP protection

Our bodyguards can be armed or unarmed depending on the specifics of the client and the country’s policies. Our highly trained personnel has the capabili-ties to prevent, detect, circumvent or deal with a threat. Our bodyguards have the following training:

  • Bodyguard function (training provided by ex-bodyguards)
  • Self-Defence
  • First aid
  • Emergency driving
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Anti-terrorism security devices
  • Use of firearms

VIP Protection / Special Convoys / Protection of Property

Are you hosting sensitive personnel and want to ensure their protection?

Whether it is diplomatic staff, political or economic personalities as well as from the world of sport or entertainment, Group DA will be able to adjust the appropriate means for the movement, security, before, during and after the passage of your staff. We will be able to implement the means adapted to the type of VIP and the associated potential threats. Our suite of response strategies range from the provision of equipment, drones and vehicles to the deployment of first aid and medical evacuations.

Do you want to secure a convoy or a reception site for sensitive staff?

Security does not leave room for improvisation. The involvement of the authorities may be necessary and must be anticipated beforehand. The routes must be defined, the rescue routes known, the communication chain must be clear and the supervising staff must be experienced and accustomed to working together, to know how to coordinate in a quick and effective way an event response. Group DA will bring you an extremely wide range of solutions, knowledge of risks and sensitive environments, either locally or internationally.

Do you store sensitive material or data?

Even motionless outside a convoy, your cargo can become a target. Group DA will be able to provide you with the necessary advice and implement the appropriate security reinforcement devices.

Worried about international transport?

Whether terrestrial, air or maritime, Group DA has perfect control over the vectors necessary for the safe transport of your belongings. With international experience in many theatres of operation, we will be able to focus on the specifics of your convoy. Whether it is the need for discretion, heavy and visible security reinforcement or appropriate countermeasures if imminent danger.