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We have developed specific expertise to counter the risk of piracy and terrorism. We monitor and protect:

  • Platform
  • Ship
  • Cargo
  • Operating personnel
  • Crew
  • Port terminal

To do this, we assess the threats and risks to your offshore facilities and vessels. We design security-deterrence plans and implement human and material measures to protect them.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and employ personnel with a long track record in marine safety.

Frequently asked questions

Is your ship required to cross risk areas?

Piracy, corrupt foreign maritime authorities, cargo theft, complicit captains, cartels, terrorism, the maritime threat is changing daily. A thorough knowledge of the sea and its new situations in constant change is indispensable today. Close cooperation with international maritime authorities is required. Potential situations must absolutely be studied upstream and appropriate means of response must be made available, because once on the ocean, your ship may find itself destitute and alone in the face of the threat. Group DA closely follows the evolution of the geopolitical and security contexts of your transport zones and will be able to provide you with the means to a safe crossing and arrival.

You want to secure a cargo?

It is important to establish that the threat to your convoy begins at the beginning of transportation, prior to arrival at the port, by land. Group DA will be able to provide permanent surveillance of your cargo in all risk areas that your cargo will pass through and ensure its safety from the point of departure to the point of arrival, including customs clearance.

Do you want to secure your maritime facilities or border?
Technology is changing, so are crime and smuggling. It is no longer trivial to cross un-derwater or aerial drones as vectors for identifying illegal goods or for carrying out terror-ist attacks or piracy. Group DA carries out continuously technological monitoring and has appropriate means of response. We can detect illegal shipments upstream of the port and start monitoring suspicious convoys remotely. We also have strong means of inter-vention in the event of detection of convoys confirmed as illegal. Whether it is the traffick-ing of drugs, human beings or smuggling, our know-how encompasses all the new reali-ties of modern port facilities./span>