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Group DA

Security - Investigation - Protection

The snowy owl distinguishes itself by its incredible detection ability, it uses its stealthy approach and its speed to skillfully grab hol of its prey.

Group DA

Group DA operates in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Group DA was founded in 2004 in Quebec, Canada by Didier Aubrais, the company’s current owner, who has 25 years of experience in government security and protection. We work for law firms, canadian and foreign companies. We specialize in the assessment of threats, various risks and security. In particular, the physical protection of people, protection of goods, infrastructures, investigation, surveillance, as well as intelligence gathering with our intelligence services.

We have assembled a team of international experts of former members of specialized police and military units, with international diplomatic contacts and specialized civils under the Group DA International banner.

Our goal is to carry out the mandates entrusted to us, with professionalism and efficiency which you are entitled to expect.